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2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook 
2023-2024 College Catalog and Student Handbook

Registration Information

Academic Load

During the regular semester, you are considered a fulltime student for financial aid and VA purposes if you are enrolled in 12 or more semester credit hours and part-time if you are enrolled in less than 12 semester credit hours. However, for associate degrees and some other programs, a full semester load requires that you complete 15 or more semester credit hours; if you complete less than 15 semester credit hours, you should not expect to complete programs within the prescribed time period. Maximum student course load is 18 credit hours per semester. Exceptions must be approved by the department chair of the program in which you are enrolled. Documentation of approval must be provided to Student Records before you register for additional hours.

Auditing Courses

A student who desires to attend courses on an audit basis without earning a grade or credit may register as an audit student. Students must complete a Course Audit Form (available on the College’s website) and submit to Student Records prior to the last day of the drop/add period. Auditing a course is contingent upon departmental approval. Students may not change course status (credit to audit or audit to credit) after the drop/add period has ended.

The tuition and fees for auditing a course are the same as when the course is taken for a grade/credit. Audit students must meet the course prerequisites. An audited course may not be used to fulfill prerequisite requirements. Students may not take a proficiency test for previously audited courses.

Add/Drop/Section Changes

Students may add or drop a course or courses during the designated add/drop period provided the course is not closed. Course(s) may be dropped by this date without academic penalty. The designated add/drop date is published in the Academic Calendar which can be found on the College’s website. All section changes after the add/drop period must be approved by the department chair under which the course resides. A Withdrawal/Section Change Form can be obtained from the instructor or on the College website at www.cctech.edu/resources/forms-library. The completed Withdrawal/Section Change Form must be submitted to Student Records or the cashier, with all appropriate signatures for final processing.

Withdrawing from Class

If a student realizes they can no longer meet the requirements of a course, they may withdraw from the course after the add/drop period. To do so, the student must initiate the withdrawal with the instructor prior to the published withdrawal deadline to receive a grade of “W”. A grade of “W” does not negatively impact the Grade Point Average (GPA), but it may negatively impact a student’s financial aid, causing the student to owe money to the College. Withdrawal deadlines are published in the Academic Calendar which can be found on the College’s website. Please discuss your withdrawal with your instructor and a financial aid counselor before completing the process.

If a student stops attending a class and exceeds the number of absences allowed prior to the withdrawal deadline, they will be withdrawn by their instructor and will receive a grade of “WA”. A grade of “WA” does not negatively impact the GPA, but it may negatively impact a student’s financial aid, causing the student to owe money to the College. Students who do not attend at all after the withdrawal deadline will receive a grade of “WF”. Students who attend any days after the withdrawal deadline will receive the grade earned (A, B, C, D, F, or I). Please familiarize yourself with the attendance policy and remember it is best to complete a student-initiated withdrawal if necessary.

Return of Title IV Funds

Students who receive financial aid and completely withdraw from the College are subject to the return of Title IV funds policy. The amount to be returned is based on the percentage of enrollment completed for the semester and the amount of financial aid assistance considered earned. Funds are returned to the appropriate programs in the following order: unsubsidized Federal Direct Loans; subsidized Federal Direct Loans; Federal Pell Grant; Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant; other Title IV Assistance. The College and the student are both responsible to return unearned financial aid to the appropriate program(s). Examples are available in the Business Office. Students who do not repay the required amount will be ineligible for financial aid until repayment has been made.

Course Scheduling

The course schedule is available on the College’s website and your myCCTC/CCTCgo account. The College reserves the right to add or delete courses in the published semester schedule as deemed necessary.

An academic advisor is available to assist you in scheduling classes to meet your educational goals. You can locate your academic advisor information and register online through your myCCTC account once you have been admitted to the College.

Payment of Fees

Payment of fees must be made in accordance with published guidelines. A $30 nonpayment fee will be assessed after each deadline for accounts not paid or charged to financial aid or a payment plan. If you have outstanding debts, you will not be permitted to register until the debts have been satisfied. Deadlines are published at http://www.cctech.edu/financial-aid/tuition-and-fees/.

Residency Status

The amount of tuition and fees you pay for attending Central Carolina Technical College shall be determined by your residency status (domicile). The rules regarding the establishment of residence for fees and tuition purposes at the College are governed by the Code of Laws of South Carolina, regulations promulgated by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education and by the Central Carolina Technical College Commission.

The Director of Admissions is responsible for making all residency determinations. If you subsequently become eligible for a change of residency, it will be your responsibility to submit proper documentation to the Director of Admissions requesting a change of residency. If the petition is approved, the change/status with supporting documentation will be effective the current term, if received prior to the first day of classes. Exceptions may apply. Decisions of the Director of Admissions regarding residency may be appealed to the Vice President for Student Affairs.

Tuition and Fees - Effective Fall Semester 2023

  • Tuition fees are as follows:
    • Students from Clarendon, Lee, Kershaw, and Sumter Counties - $204 per credit hour.
    • Students from other counties in the state - $237 per credit hour. Exception –tuition for students from South Carolina enrolled in Natural Resources Management or Environmental Engineering Technology is $212 per credit hour.
    • Students from out-of-state - $341 per credit hour.
  • Tuition for some programs is higher due to additional costs. Please see the “Tuition Rates by Program” chart, located on our website.
  • A laboratory fee of $35-$50 will be charged in selected science courses. Please see the “Lab/Specialty Fees” chart for details, located on our website.
  • A technology fee of $10 per credit hour will be charged for all students (except dual enrollment students).
  • All students who have registered but have not paid by the published deadlines will be assessed nonpayment fees.
  • All students who register after the published registration period will be charged a $25 late registration fee.
  • The cost of books, inclusive access, tools, distance education lab kits, and materials is in addition to tuition and other fees.
  • The College reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees without notice.
  • No refunds will be made if not applied for within 90 days of the last date of attendance.

Refund Policy-Credit Courses

It is the policy of Central Carolina Technical College that students or appropriate sponsoring parties receive a fair and equitable refund or credit of tuition upon withdrawal or reduction of course load.

Institutional charges for a semester will be refunded or credited at the following rates:


100%  Before first date in term that classes are offered (start of term)

100%  1st-5th day of term (3rd day of term for minimesters)

    0%  After 5th day of term (3rd day of term for minimesters)

  • Students who never attend class will be considered to have constructively withdrawn before the start of semester.
  • Students must initiate the add/drop process online during the add/drop period to be eligible for a refund or credit.
  • A student’s official withdrawal date will be based on the last date of attendance.
  • Refunds for semesters that vary in length from the 16-week semester will be in proportion to the semester refund schedule delineated above.
  • Late fees and late payment fees will not be refunded.
  • No refunds will be made if not applied for within ninety (90) days of the last day of attendance.
  • Refunds to veterans in non-degree programs or military tuition assistance students will be made in accordance with existing government regulations.
  • The Vice President for Business Affairs may consider refunds on an individual basis where personal emergency or extreme hardship is involved. Written documentation will be required in these cases. No requests will be considered for charges greater than one year old.

Refund Policy-Non-credit Courses, Seminars and Workshops

Refunds may be requested by mail, in person, or by telephone. These requests are the responsibility of the registrant.

  • Full Refund - A full refund will be issued for all courses, seminars, and workshops cancelled by Central Carolina Technical College.
  • Partial Refund - Registrations cancelled before the cutoff date of ten (10) working days before the scheduled training will be assessed a 20% administrative fee.
  • No Refund - There will be no refunds for cancellations less than ten (10) working days prior to the starting date.

Transfer Students

Students who transfer to Central Carolina Technical College are responsible for having all Student Aid Report information transmitted to Central Carolina. This request can be accomplished at http://www.fafsa.gov by adding Central Carolina Technical College’s school code (003995) to your FAFSA application. A student must have his/her FSA Username & Password to make this transaction. Students may also call 1-800-4-FED-AID to request a duplicate Student Aid Report where Central Carolina Technical College can be added. This process will take a few weeks to complete. It is the responsibility of the student to notify the Financial Aid Office if he/she has attended another institution. A student cannot receive financial aid at two colleges during the same semester.

South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation

South Carolina residents with vocational disabilities may qualify for financial assistance for educational expenses from the South Carolina Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. In Sumter, call (803) 4692960: in Camden, call (803) 469-1068.

Special Populations Program (Perkins V)

This federally funded program provides assistance for students in career and technical education (CTE) programs considered non-traditional for their gender, students with disabilities, individuals from disadvantaged families, single parents, single pregnant women, displaced homemakers, and individuals with other barriers to education including those with limited English proficiency, student who are homeless, student who are in the foster care system or have aged out of the foster care system, and student having a parent who is a member of the armed forces and on active duty. Books, child care, and transportation fees may be provided to qualified students. This program is funded by the Strengthening Career and Technical Education Act for the 21st Centery Act (Perkins V) and managed by the Counseling & Student Life Services Department in Building M500, Room M540, (803)778-6672, Sumter Main Campus.